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Verse to Ponderize: Psalms 118:24

If you were listening in General Conference last month, you surely heard the challenge issued by Devin G. Durrant to ‘ponderize’ – ponder and memorize – a verse of scripture each week. I am (as I often am) late to the game, but I’ve meant to take up the challenge.

Here is the first verse we’re going to ‘ponderize’ around here: Psalms 118:24.

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

I’ve made a little printable so you can print it out and hang it up for the week, if you like. I am. Click on the picture to open the full PDF.

Psalms 118:24 Printable to Ponderize

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FREE Solar System Mini-Unit

You know what’s fun? Space! So how about we study the solar system?

Free Solar System Mini Unit - Craft, Worksheet, Video, and More

Don’t forget that Pluto has been declassified as a planet since 2006 (yes, it’s really been almost ten years) so all the materials selected for this mini unit reflect that. The following are external links; please let me know if links become broken so I can correct or replace them!

1) Watch this tour of the Solar System.

2) Print, color, and label this solar system worksheet.

Free Solar System Worksheet - Solar System Mini Unit

3) Print and cut out these planet cards. Follow the directions to learn more about the scale of distances in the solar system.

Distances in the Solar System Activity - Free Solar System Mini Unit

4) Unscramble the names of the planets and find the secret message!

Free Solar System Unscramble - Solar System Mini Unit

5) Make a solar system model with a cardboard circle from a pizza and some pompoms!

Pizza and PomPom Solar System Model - Free Solar System Mini-Unit

6) Print, color, cut and staple a solar system mini-book. (Scroll down.)

Solar System Mini Book - Free Solar System Mini Unit

7) Finally, make a solar system snack!

Solar System Snack - Free Solar System Mini Unit

This unit is intended for elementary aged learners. I hope your kids enjoy it!

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FREE George Washington Mini-Unit

President’s Day is coming up! Do you need something to do with your kids to help them learn more about George Washington? Here’s a one day mini-unit about our first President, complete with things to watch, read, print, and learn, and do.

FREE George Washington Mini Unit - Printables, Video, Reader's Theater, and More

The following are external links; please let me know if links become broken so I can correct or replace them!

1) Watch this biography of George Washington.

2) Print and complete this simple reading comprehension worksheet. There are two other skill levels available: mid-elementary age, and upper elementary/middle school age.

George Washington Reading Comprehension Worksheet

3) Click through this illustrated timeline of George Washington’s life.

Illustrated Timeline of George Washington's Life

4) Print and color this picture of George Washington (via USA-printables)

George Washington Coloring Page

5) Have (or help) children act out this interview of President Washington. (Requires a free Teachers pay Teachers account to download.) You could use props and improvise costumes – you may even want to make a tricorn hat for the President. This would make an excellent little something to video for the grandparents.

Interview with George Washington

6) Use construction paper, cotton balls, and glue to make George Washington! (No instructions, picture only.)

George Washington Cotton Ball Craft

7) Optional, but recommended: make cherry pie! I like this recipe. (It works just as well with frozen cherries as long as they’re thawed.)

Cherry Pie Recipe

This unit is intended for elementary aged learners. I hope your children enjoy it!

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