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I Feel My Savior’s Love (Scarf Choreography)

This Sunday I used juggling scarves for song review in Primary. (I got the scarves from Amazon.) The idea is to give the kids something to do and hold while we sing the song over and over! I thought it was best to put together a little choreography so there would be ‘moves’ for them to learn, I would know what I was doing, and maybe just keep the chaos down a little.

If you are a hard copy type person, click on the pic below for a 3 page PDF with all of these pictures on them, otherwise, scroll down to review the motions!

(Please note: I only have 2 verses, but it would be super easy to adapt these moves for the third verse if you are doing that.)

Verse 1:


Verse 2:

(Repeat Chorus)

I hope you found this helpful, and good luck trying it in your Primary!

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