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History of Marvel, Quarter 2

Welcome to Quarter 2 of “History of Marvel!” Do you need to go back to Quarter 1?

Day 46

1. Watch the video about superstar artists in the 1980s. Stop at 13:00.
2. Watch an episode of “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” (1981).

Day 47

1. Watch the next part of the video about graphic novels. Stop at 19:07.
2. You can read “The Death of Captain Marvel” (1982) if you like.

Day 48

1. Read the article about the rise of the Marvel Animated Universe in the 80s. Stop reading at “Pride of the X-Men.”
2. Watch The Incredible Hulk (1982) S01 E13, “Enter She-Hulk.”

Day 49

1. Watch the video about themes in the Bronze Age. (Watch to the end.)
2. Take a look at Marvel Team-Up #141 (1984), featuring Spider-Man and Daredevil.
3. You may also like to read Super Villain Team-Up #6 (1976), featuring Dr. Doom and the Sub-Mariner.

Day 50

1. Watch the video about Jim Shooter’s Marvel. (Stop watching at 17:45.)

Day 51

1. Watch the video about Marvel cross-overs. Stop at 6:10.
2. Read Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1. (1982)
3. Also take a look at Wolverine #1 (1982).

Day 52

1. Continue watching the video about Marvel in the 80s. Stop at 14:02.
2. Read Thor #364 (1986) to see him as a frog.
3. Take a look at the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (1987) for the wedding of Peter Parker.

Day 53

1. Watch more about Jim Shooter’s plans to secure his legacy at Marvel, and about the independent comics published under the Epic imprint. Stop at 24:39.
2. Take a peek at Justice #15 (1986) from the New Universe.

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