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Khan Academy Financial Literacy

Welcome to Financial Literacy, the course intended to teach you how to manage your money and your finances in the future. Days marked with an asterisk (*) mean there is something to print.

Day 1
1. Be sure to register and log in to Khan Academy. That way, it will track your mastery and record your scores on quizzes and tests that you take. Make sure you are logged into Khan Academy every time you do one of these lessons.
2. Watch the video “Welcome to Financial Literacy.”
3. Read the article “Welcome to Financial Literacy.” How can becoming financially literate benefit your life?
4. Read the article “What is Financial Literacy?”

Day 2

1. Read the article “What is a Budget?”
2. Read the article “Planning a Budget.”

Day 3

1. Read the article “How Do You Build a Budget?” (Be sure to watch the video.)
2. What expenses do you have? How much would you need to make a month for those expenses to be 50% or less of your income?

Day 4

1. Watch the video “Budgeting and the 50:30:20 Rule.”
2. Complete the exercise “Building a Budget.”

Day 5*

1. Read the article “How Do You Balance Your Budget?”
2. Complete the budget case study. (Print one copy of the monthly budget worksheet for each girl.)

Day 6

1. Watch the video “What is the Better Deal?”
2. Read the article “Unit Pricing: How to Spend Less By Paying More.”
3. Complete the Unit Pricing exercise.

Day 7

1. Read the article “How Do I Lower My Expenses?”
2. Also read this article, “How To Cut Your Expenses.”

Day 8

1. Watch the video “Why and How to Save.”
2. Read the article “Why and How Should I Save Money?”

Day 9

1. Read about planned and unplanned expenses.
2. Read “I am Ready to Save.” Complete the practice exercise at the bottom.

Day 10

1. Watch the video “Saving Wisely: Emergency Fund.”
2. Complete the “Emergency Fund” exercise.

Day 11

1. Read the article “Saving Wisely.”
2. Complete the “planned expenses” exercise.

Day 12

1. Watch the video “Paying Yourself First.”
2. Read the article “Pay Yourself First.”
3. Complete the “paying yourself first” exercise.

Day 13

1. Read the article “What are Different Types of Savings Accounts?
2. Read the article “What is Interest and How Does it Work?

Day 14

1. Take the unit test for budgeting and saving.

Day 15

1. Watch the video “What is a Credit Score?
2. Read the article “What is a Credit Score?
3. Complete the “Understanding Credit Score” exercise.

Day 16

1. Read the article “How Do I Raise My Credit Score?
2. Read the article “What is a Credit Report?”