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The History and Cultural Impact of Star Wars

Welcome to the History and Cultural impact of Star Wars! In this course we are going to explore stories and media that influenced the development of Star Wars, as well as Star Wars in different media throughout the decades.

Day 1

1. Read pages 1-8 of the first chapter of “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe.” Stop when you reach the section on Flash Gordon.
2. Write a paragraph about the ‘space fantasy’ genre and how it differs from science fiction.

Day 2

1. Finish reading chapter 1.
2. Read the first Flash Gordon comic series.

Day 3

1. Read from the section beginning on page 19 to the end of chapter 2.
2. Take a look at this list of some ways that Flash Gordon influenced the original Star Wars.

Day 4

1. Read pages 27-35 of “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe.” (Stop at the page break before “If you want to see where the iconic plastic armor…”)
2. Watch the video about the 501st Legion marching in the Rose Bowl parade.

Day 5

1. Read from page 81 (beginning with “By the time THX was ready…”) through the end of page 85.
2. Watch Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century. George Lucas pointed to this cartoon as an example of the fun space adventures he wanted to capture in Star Wars.

Day 6

1. Read pages 102-114 of chapter 8, “My Little Space Thing.” Stop at “In January 1975.”

Day 7

1. Continue your reading on page 114, ending on page 120.
2. Read the article and take a look at Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art.

Day 8

1. Today you are watching a feature about the role of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art in the development of Star Wars.
2. If the link above is broken, you can watch it in a series of 5 videos on this playlist.

Day 9

Day 10

Links for later:
The Making of Star Wars (1977)