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The History and Cultural Impact of Star Wars, Quarter 4

Welcome to the final quarter of The History and Cultural Impact of Star Wars!

Day 136

1. Watch the video about Star Wars Battlefront 2’s loot box controversy.
2. Read about the fallout from that controversy.

Day 137

1. Watch 10 Things they Don’t Tell You about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
2. If you have this game, you can play some.

Day 138

1. Watch this Star Wars: Squadrons review.
2. Watch the “cinematic movie” of the Star Wars: Squadrons trailers.

Day 139

1. Today play some Star Wars: Squadrons!

Day 140

1. Read the article about EA losing their exclusive license to make Star Wars games. Be sure you make it all the way to the bottom of the page.
2. Watch the video about rumored and confirmed Star Wars game releases from 2021-2024.

Day 141

1. Watch the Final Preview of the Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga.
2. Play some Skywalker Saga!