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I Feel My Savior’s Love (Scarf Choreography)

This Sunday I used juggling scarves for song review in Primary. (I got the scarves from Amazon.) The idea is to give the kids something to do and hold while we sing the song over and over! I thought it was best to put together a little choreography so there would be ‘moves’ for them […]

I Feel my Savior’s Love Flipchart

We’re introducing “I Feel my Savior’s Love” tomorrow in Primary, so I made a flipchart of the first verse. I’m going to cut out the hearts and glue them to construction paper hearts. (EDIT: The flipchart now has verses 1-3, I hope this helps you! If the link below takes you to the old version […]

Nephi’s Vision

(Back to BoM Junior Seminary Overview) Book of Mormon Lesson 13: 1 Nephi Chapters 10-11 To Prepare: Read through the linked lesson above (be sure to read 1 Nephi Chapter 10 and chapter 11 and print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. Today there’s a choice between a wordsearch and a […]