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Mother’s Day Leaf Printable

For mother’s day this year, our Primary is making tissue paper flowers. I made a little leaf tag to put on the stems just to add a little something special. I printed ours out on green paper so no one had to spend any time coloring the leaves! If you want to use this for […]

Fly for Flags

My oldest son had to design a board game to review his history lessons. It turned out pretty well: …although it took me a while to trace a map onto a piece of cardboard and even longer for him to color it in! If you or your kids would like to play a game that […]

Molly Mormon Paper Doll

I created this paper doll for my Activity Day girls several years ago. It’s a great activity to use to talk about modesty! Click below to download the 5-page PDF. I recommend printing off the first page (the doll) on cardstock, and the rest on paper. These works are subject to copyright. Please do NOT […]