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Here are links to the classes that are available here on this website. Most of these classes are intended for middle school or high school aged students and provide day by day lessons or activities meant to fit into a 180-day school schedule.

English and Language Arts

Creative Writing (in progress)

English Foundations (180 Days)

English Foundations II (180 Days)

Film History (45 Days)

Film Making (45 Days)

Intro to Screenwriting (180 Days)

Intro to Storytelling (90 Days)

History and Social Studies

Blues: An American Art Form (90 Days)

Crash Course World Mythology (in progress)

Crash Course U.S. Government (90 Days)

Exploring Science Fiction (in progress)

History and Cultural Impact of Star Wars (180 Days)

History of Marvel (180 Days)

History of Rock (90 Days)


Practical Math (90 days completed, incomplete)


Ornithology with Lab (180 days)


Come, Follow Me – Old Testament (12 months)

Come, Follow Me – New Testament (12 months)

Come, Follow Me – Book of Mormon (12 months, in progress)

More Classes

Animal Husbandry (90 Days)

Game Design (in progress)

Khan Academy Financial Literacy (90 Days)

Strengthening Hands and Arms (90 Days)