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Homeschooling with Harry Potter

I recently began reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with my two older boys. They have a lot of Harry Potter themed toys and games (partially due to hand-me-downs from my little sister, who grew up, got married, and passed the magic down to her nephews) and I thought that at six and eight it was likely they would enjoy listening to it.

It has been an absolute hit and we’re already up to chapter twelve. They usually beg for a second chapter after the first and if the twins are still asleep I usually oblige, scratchy throat and all. Harry Potter has started to seep into our daily lives. It’s not often I’ll go a day without an “owl” tossing me a scrawled invitation to Hogwarts, and sticks that used to be swords have seen some new action as wands. It was inevitable that Harry Potter should invade our schooling as well, but I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find Harry Potter worksheets. (Free, printable, academic worksheets for elementary school aged children?) I’ve tried. I don’t think there are any.

Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle

So I made some. Click here to see worksheets from our Harry Potter ‘Unit Study.’ I still have at least five that we’ve done that I haven’t posted, so check back for more if you’re interested. There’s subtraction, (addition once I get it posted), graph reading, a crossword, word searches, alphabetizing, fill-in-the-blank and coloring. In addition, there’s a new tab at the very top of the page for worksheets and printables which I will try to keep up-to-date.

I hope you enjoy!

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