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February Visiting Teaching Idea

February is quickly drawing to a close, so if you haven’t got your visiting teaching done, it’s time to hop to! I’m not often on top of my visiting teaching, so I thought I’d share the fun thing I made that we handed out to our Sisters this month.

It says, "We Really, Really "LOAF" You!"

I bought a three-pack of the foil mini-loaf pans with plastic lids and split a batch of strawberry bread between them. I wanted to get a picture of the strawberry bread, but I already had the lids on by the time I though of it. Trust me – it’s delicious.

Then I made a little label to go on the lid with our phone numbers on it and “We really, really “LOAF” you!” on it.

We really, really LOAF you!

I didn’t have any kind of stickers or labels, so I printed them out on cardstock and used some rubber cement to attach it. These were a BIG hit with our Sisters. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your February visiting teaching!

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