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Educational YouTube Channels for Children

The boys and I have started a YouTube channel filled with educational material. We called it FreeSchool – the unofficial name of our little homeschool for the past five years or so.


So far we have famous artists, classical music, and videos about animals and nature. Basically,we make videos about whatever the boys or I find interesting. All of it is clean and safe, and I very much hope you will check it out.

So, to celebrate, here are ten more educational Youtube channels for children!

10 Educational Youtube Channels for Children

Here we go!

Animals and Nature

Houston Zoo's Youtube Channel

As you might expect, this channel focuses on the animals of the Houston Zoo. There is a wide variety on diverse animal topics!

BBC Earth's YouTube Channel

Most of the videos on BBC Earth are nature documentaries. There are also dinosaurs! CAUTION: if you have sensitive children, keep an eye on which videos they select from the channel. Some of these videos deal with life and death.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

This channel is perfect for bird lovers. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has absolutely gobs of footage of many kinds of birds.


Sick Science YouTube Channel

Great, engaging science experiments, many doable by children, many with household objects.

Minute Earth
Minute Earth has short, animated videos about the earth and how it works. Most videos are very kid-safe, but there are ones that deal with sickness, death, and sex, so use your judgement.


Social Studies

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood YouTube Channel

Full episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – because we all need to be good neighbors.

Various Topics


Socratica has videos on a variety of topics: chemistry, science, art, grammar – even brief profiles of the 50 states. They also have a sister channel, Socratica Kids, that addresses basic arithmetic, phonics, and children’s stories.

Crash Course YouTube Channel

History, psychology, literature, chemistry, biology and more in a fast paced, live/animated format. Probably best for adolescents or teens. CAUTION: some videos handle themes or topics like sex and violence and death. (That’s history and literature, for you.) Be aware of what your children are watching.

Great Museums Television

From the National Zoo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is so much quality content on this channel. We can’t all travel to these museums around the world, so why not take in some of the collections via YouTube?


I hope you enjoy these channels, and once again I’d like to invite you to check out FreeSchool. So long till next time!

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