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The Tower of Babel

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Old Testament Lesson 9: The Tower of Babel

To Prepare: Read Genesis 11; print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. Choose between a dot-to-dot and a coloring page!



To Teach: Read Genesis 11:1-5. Explain that the “slime” used for mortar was like tar or asphalt, and was used to bind things together and to resist water. Why might the people have wanted to build something waterproof? (They might have been worried about another flood.) The people were trying to build a tower to Heaven, and they might have worried that God would try to stop them with a flood.

Read verses 7-9 in chapter 11. Explain what confounding the languages meant and how it stopped the people from building the tower. Remind children of the Jaredites and how the brother of Jared prayed to have the language of his friends and family spared so that they could still understand each other.

End with the activity sheet. (Today was a short lesson.) Great job!

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