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1 Nephi Chapter 1

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Book of Mormon Lesson 6: 1 Nephi Chapter 1

To Prepare: Read through the linked lesson above (be sure to read 1 Nephi Chapter 1) and print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. There is a choice today between a coloring/drawing page and a crossword.

To Teach: Begin with a prayer. This lesson is pretty easy: we read 1 Nephi Chapter 1 slowly and talked about each part of the story as we came to it. Key points we highlighted:

  • Nephi made the metal plates of the record himself. Imagine if you had to do that each time you wanted to write something!
  • Who were the people Lehi saw in his vision? (God, Jesus, the 12 Apostles)
  • What was the book? (scriptures!)
  • Why did Lehi rejoice when he found out Jerusalem would be destroyed? (Because those who listened would have a chance to be saved)

End by emphasizing that the Lord’s tender mercies are extended to those who exercise faith in Him. Finish by doing the activity sheets. Good job!

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