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Pictures for Teaching ‘O Holy Night’

My Primary is going to be singing O Holy Night this year. To make teaching the kids a little easier, I made this pack of pictures to illustrate the lyrics. I’m hoping that seeing the same pictures over and over (particularly the picture for ‘night’) will help the kids pick it up quicker!

Be warned: if you’re wary of color printing, this is not the file for you. Click on the thumbnail below to download the complete PDF!

I realize that there are different versions of O Holy Night that might have slightly different lyrics or a slightly different order. The version our Primary uses comes from www.makingmusicfun.net. (You can find it here.)

In case it’s not super clear, here are the words the pictures are meant to correspond to.

Temple – holy
Moon and stars – night
Stars – stars
Light bulb – shining
Jesus with Outstretched arms – Savior’s
Baby Jesus in the Manger – Birth/Born
Ruler/Earth – long lay the world
Red X – Error
Pine Tree – pining
Treasure – worth
HOPE – hope
Earth with a party hat – world rejoices
Broken Stick – breaks
Sunrise – glorious morn
Fall leaf – fall
Kneeling man – knees
Man Listening – hear
Angel – angel voices
Shepherds looking at the star – divine

I hope this helps someone else, and good luck singing!

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