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Bring up Your Children in Light and Truth

I had an old canvas that’s spent more years than I’d care to admit languishing in the corner of my spare room (with a half-finished, unsatisfactory painting on it). When I ran across this idea (via Pinterest, love it) I knew that it was just the thing to redeem it! Instead of “you are my […]

There are More Things in Heaven and Earth

This is one of my favorite quotes – it seems to capture the wonder and beauty of the world in a way that little else does. Every now and again I see something new that brings it to mind, reminding me of how little I have seen of what there is in existence. (Original photo […]

God Speed the Right

We sang God Speed the Right in Sacrament Meeting today, and when we hit this line my eyes filled with tears. Sometimes it feels like we are failing, losing our battles as well as our hold on the things that matter the most to us – and that’s okay. That’s part of life. But you […]