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Animal Husbandry, Quarter 2

Link to Quarter 1

Day 46*

1. Read the chicken facts!
2. Print page 1 of the PDF and use the reading to finish the crossword!

Day 47

1. Take a look at this page of chicken breeds. (There are other birds on this page, like geese and ducks – just ignore those today.)
2. Are there any breeds there you don’t recognize? Which would you choose for eggs, meat, or to be ornamental?

Day 48

1. Commercially raised chickens have very different living conditions than chickens raised in a backyard.
2. Watch the video about enriched colony housing.
3. Watch the video about free-range housing.
4. Watch the video about pastured chickens.
5. Which chickens do you think have a better life? Which chickens would you like to get your eggs from?

Day 49

1. Watch the video about how eggs are made.
2. Watch how a chicken develops inside the egg!

Day 50

1. Read about egg production in the United States. “Shell eggs” are eggs that are sold whole (in the shell). Anything that is not a “shell egg” is used in another way (for example, in other food products) before it reaches consumers.

Day 51

1. Watch the video about ornamental chicken breeds.

Day 52

1. Read page 1 of “The Importance of Poultry in Our Lives.”
2. Write a paragraph about poultry and how it impacts your life.

Day 53

1. Watch the video “History Through the Eyes of a Chicken.”

Day 54

1. Read about the breeds used for commercial egg production.
2. Read about modern chicken meat production. STOP READING when you get to “Hatching Eggs.”

Day 55

1. Watch the video about poultry handling.

Day 56

1. Just for fun! Today watch “The Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk.” Tomorrow we will begin our chicken project!

Day 57*

1. Print and complete the commercial chicken breed piece.
2. Print and complete the names of chickens piece.

Day 58*

1. Print and complete the egg map piece. Use this map from the USDA to finish it!
2. Print page 1 of the PDF and use page 2 to label the diagram of an egg.

Day 59*

1. Print and complete the broiler map piece. Use this map from the USDA to finish it!
2. Print! Use the information on the page to complete the “Uses for Chickens” piece.

Day 60*

1. Print page 1 of the PDF; use page 2 to fill out the diagram of a chicken’s anatomy.
2. Print and complete the pieces about the largest and smallest breeds of chickens. Just for fun, watch this video of a mini-rooster crowing!

Day 61*

1. Print and complete the egg hatching vocabulary piece.
2. Print and complete the coop diagram.

Day 62*

1. Read about what chickens eat when they forage. Print and complete the “Food for the Flock” piece!
2. Print the “Rainbow of Eggs” piece. Use this chart to see what color of eggs the breeds listed lay!

Day 63

1. We’re taking a break from lapbook pieces today! Instead, watch “The Private Life of Chickens.”

Day 64*

1. Print the “Backyard Chicken Breeds” piece and follow the instructions to complete it. My Pet Chicken is a great place to look up breeds you do not know!

Day 65*

1. Read about how chickens sleep.
2. Read about chicken predators.
3. Print the PDF and complete the pieces.

Day 66

1. Assemble your pieces on a poster or lapbook. Present your project to a parent or family member.

Day 67

1. Watch “A Year in the Life of Raising Sheep in Idaho.” (What animal do you think we are studying next?)

Day 68

1. Watch 6 Reasons to Add Sheep to Your Homestead.
2. Write down the 6 reasons he gives to raise sheep. What do you think? Are they good reasons?

Day 69

1. Watch how wool is harvested and made into fabric.

Day 70

1. Did you know sheep are also kept as dairy animals? Read about the history and management of sheep for milk.
2. Watch the video about breeds of dairy sheep.

Day 71

1. Watch the video about products made from sheep.
2. Read about sheep products.

Day 72

1. Watch this episode of America’s Heartland about sheep farming. Next time we are going to begin our project about sheep!

Day 73*

1. Today we are starting out sheep project! Today print and complete the pieces about names for sheep and sheep’s main uses.

Day 74*

1. Print and complete the sheep vocabulary pieces and the sheep shearing piece.
2. BONUS: watch this video about a sheep that escaped being sheared for several years. Many modern sheep breeds cannot stay happy and healthy without help from humans. Do you think this sheep was happy to be caught and sheared?

Day 75*

1. Print and complete the fodder for sheep piece. (You may remember this from your cattle project. Sheep and cows eat very similar diets.) Here is a list of definitions to help you.
2. Print and complete the sheep predators piece. Here is a link to read about their predators!

Day 76*

1. Read about the difference between herd dogs and guardian dogs. Then, print and complete the lapbook piece.
2. Print and complete the piece about more ways to protect sheep.

Day 77*

1. Today we’re taking a break from lapbook pieces! Watch this documentary from the 1950s about sheep ranching in the US.

Day 78*

1. Print and cut out the chart of sheep population in the United States.
1. Print and complete the piece about sheep byproducts. Here is a list of byproducts to help you!

Day 79*

1. Print and complete the piece about hair sheep vs wool sheep.
2. Print and assemble the piece with fun sheep facts!

Day 80

1. Today assemble and present your project.

Day 81

1. Today you are going to choose a topic for your final project in this class. You are going to write an essay about a domestic animal of your choice (excluding cattle, chickens, and sheep, which we have already covered.) Can’t think of one? The first twenty days of this class listed different animals that have been domesticated.
2. Once you have chosen your animal, go look it up online and begin reading about it.

Day 82

1. Today research the animal you chose. Create a new document and title it “(Animal) Project.” (Put the animal you chose, instead). Look up facts about it and take notes. Be sure to find out:

  • The main uses of this animal
  • What it eats
  • Where it is raised
  • Byproducts from your animal

Day 83

1. Do more research today for your animal project. Here are more things to research:

  • How many breeds are there
  • Do different breeds have different uses?
  • How many of this animal are raised in the United States?
  • What are some uncommon uses for this animal?

2. Be sure to write the information you find in your document.

Day 84

1. Today search for fun facts about your animal! Be sure and collect at least five. Write them down in your document.

Day 85

1. Today begin your project. You need to choose between a poster, a lapbook, or a slideshow. Once you have chosen what format your project will be in, begin working on it.

Day 86

1. Continue working on your project. We will finish this on day 89.

Day 87

1. Continue working on your project.

Day 88

1. Continue working on your project. Today would be a good time to add some pictures!

Day 89

1. Finish your project today and present it.

Day 90

1. Today watch a video about all the different animals on this homestead.
2. You’ve finished the class! You’re done!