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Game Design, Quarter 2

Welcome to Quarter 2 of Game Design! Do you need to go back to Quarter 1?

Day 46

1. Watch the video “Refining the Spine.”
2. Watch the video “Connecting Ideas and Character.”
3. Work on developing your idea sheets. Did you remember to write down whether your game will be 1st person or 3rd person? Will it be a side scrolling platformer? Top down? See if you can figure out how to connect characters with the story. Is your antagonist a character or an outside force (like snowy woods full of wolves)? Check and see if you’re answering all 8 questions from the previous videos.

  • Where are we? Where does the story take place?
  • Who are we following? Who is the protagonist and why is it them?
  • Who or what force is opposed to that protagonist? Who stands in the way of the hero, and, importantly, why?
  • What do these characters want to accomplish? What’s at stake for them?
  • What’s the ensuing conflict, and why does it exist?
  • How does the action rise? How do you keep things moving, and getting more tense as you go along?
  • What’s the final crisis, and how does it play out?
  • How do things resolve? How do they wrap up?

Day 49

1. Today read the story synopsis for “The Shooter.”
2. Work on your story spine brainstorming document. Try to complete it today. (For it to be complete, you need to have an answer to the 8 questions listed yesterday and a beginning, middle, and end. You will still be able to add and change things later, so don’t worry!)

Day 50

1. Okay! Now that we’ve spent some time brainstorming, we’re going to begin working on a Game Design Document for your game. This is really just to combine things in one place, in a logical order, so you can see and understand your plan. Watch the intro to game design documents.
2. Create a document titled “(Your Game Title) Game Design Document.” Begin organizing your brainstorming info into it.
3. It’s important to remember that there’s no set format for a GDD. This will just be you, organizing your plans, into a format that works for you. It’s your master plan, laid out and organized. Let’s look at some examples of Game Design Document templates.

Day 51

1. Watch the video “Diving Deeper into the Document.”
2. Continue working on your Game Design Document. Do you have any concept art for your game? This can be included in your document OR in a physical collection somewhere, just make sure it’s organized and somewhere you can find it. Do you have music in mind? A style or specific song? Any details, ideas, or vibes you have in mind for your game – where it’s played, how many players, examples of mobs, obstacles, levels, settings, set pieces, weapons or equipment – if you have it in mind, it’s smart to write it down in an organized way so that you don’t forget about it.

Day 52

1. We’re going to take a little break from designing your game and learn a little about one way to build it. Visit gDevelop and click “try it online.” Then choose ‘create an account’ and log in with your gmail account.
2. There are a series of tutorials to learn build game mechanics under the heading “start making games.” Today complete the tutorials for:

  • Joystick controls
  • Health bar
  • 3D box

Day 53

1. Let’s do more tutorials today. Complete the following lessons:

  • Background
  • Timer
  • Score Multiplier

2. Now we are going to begin putting your skills into practice by making a simple platformer! This game does not have to be the one you were planning, we’re just learning how to use the tools GDevelop has to create a game. Complete the first two steps in the tutorial (although you should not need to download GDevelop, you should be able to work in your browser):

Day 52

1. Continue working on your platformer. Today:

Day 53

1. Today click on the ‘learn’ tab and complete the following lessons.

  • Top Down RPG Pixel Perfect
  • Fire a Bullet
  • The Basics of Multiplayer