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3 Pigs Build a Strong Home

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I created this printable for a sharing time lesson about using prayer, scripture study, and FHE to build a strong family and home – but it would also make a wonderful FHE lesson! (In fact, we re-did it as our FHE lesson the week after and it went very well.)

To teach the lesson, tell the story of the three little pigs with a few modifications. The three little pigs live with their mother, but they’re ready to go out and build their own homes. She warns them that to have a strong home, they need to use family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. The first and second little pigs think they can build a good home with just one of them, but when the wolf comes their houses aren’t strong enough. The third little pig, though, remembers what his mother says and builds a strong house with all three things.

Click on the picture to access the full PDF!


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