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Here We Are

Train your children to be intelligent and industrious. First teach them the value of healthful bodies, and how to preserve them in soundness and vigor; teach them to entertain the highest regard for virtue and chastity, and likewise encourage them to develop the intellectual faculties with which they are endowed. They should also be taught regarding the earth on which they live, its properties, and the laws that govern it; and they ought to be instructed concerning God, who made the earth, and his designs and purposes in its creation, and the placing of man upon it… And whatever labor they pursue, they should be taught to do so intelligently; and every incentive, at the command of parents to induce children to labor intelligently and understandingly, should be held out to them.

– John Taylor

Welcome to my new blog! I have been feeling the urge lately to share some of the things I teach my children, the things that inspire me, and to delve more deeply into religious topics. I did not feel that my other blog was the place to do that, however, and so I’ve created a dedicated space where those who are interested in religion, educational philosophy, learning activities, and practical (religious/academic) teaching plans can get the scoop without impinging on those who are only interested in the crafts and adventures.

I love old books.Image via Wikimedia Commons

I hope you enjoy it; I’m looking forward to developing this site.

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