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Just a Little Something

My daughter recently found a little piece of embroidery I did many years ago. (It’s not much embroidery – the picture is printed on and I just embroidered some accents, like the wings and the flowers.) She liked it. She wanted it. So I framed it and put it in her bedroom. It makes her […]

Latter-Day Homeschooling

For those of you who are teaching your children (whether homeschooling or not) Latter-Day Homeschooling is a great resource. Packed with advice, experience, and ideas from Latter-Day Saint women (and some men!) teaching their children and building their families, it’s one of my favorite reads. 🙂 by

Here We Are

Train your children to be intelligent and industrious. First teach them the value of healthful bodies, and how to preserve them in soundness and vigor; teach them to entertain the highest regard for virtue and chastity, and likewise encourage them to develop the intellectual faculties with which they are endowed. They should also be taught […]