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The Creation of Eve

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Old Testament Lesson 4: The Creation of Eve

This is where we discuss the seventh day, what was special about the creation of Eve, and lay the groundwork for the lesson about the Fall.

To Prepare: Read Moses 3. Print off or copy down the shortened list of unfamiliar terms below and print a copy of the activity page for each child participating.

Host: many, a lot of
Sanctified: made holy
Spritual/Spiritually: Eternal; not subject to death
Flesh: Mortal life
Naturally: Mortal, will die someday
Sphere: Condition
Dress: Take care of
Freely eat: Eat without consequences
Meet: Right, good, or fitting
Stead: Place
Cleave unto: Be closest and stay with

Drawing the Garden of Eden

To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Read Moses 3:1-3 together and discuss how it relates to the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy. Next, read Moses 3:7-9 and 15-17 and discuss the creation of Adam and the filling of the Garden. Talk about what kind of plants might be in the garden. Emphasize the commandment in verse 17 and ask them if they would eat fruit that would make them die.

Finally, read Moses 3:18 and 21-25. Explain the concept of ‘cleaving’ and tie it to marriage, and take special care to explain what it meant that they were not ashamed of being naked (again, we’re setting up for the next lesson about the Fall).

Hand out the activity sheets and let the kids draw plants that grow their favorite fruits and vegetables. (Fruit trees would be a good suggestion for kids who aren’t very familiar with garden plants.)

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