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The Creation

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Old Testament Lesson 3: The Creation

This is a fun one! Here’s a chance to go over a familiar Bible story with a lesson/activity that will leave everyone happy.

To Prepare: Read Genesis 1, copy down the list of unfamiliar terms (under Understanding the Scriptures) and print out the activity packet – only one, you’re all sharing. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can cut all of the figures apart before it’s time to teach.

NEW! I have added a mini version below for scripture notebooking. If you choose this version you can print one packet for each child (it’s only 3 pages!)

Full Version
Creation Activity Packet

Notebooking Mini Version

To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Tape or hang up the papers labeling the days on the wall if possible, otherwise spread them out so that all are visible. Spread out the figures so that the children can see them, and pull out the crayons. Begin reading Genesis 1, stopping to explain unfamiliar words, until you reach the end of the first day. Have the children find the picture of what was created on the first day, color it, and tape or glue it to the ‘First Day’ paper. Then proceed through the second day (and so on through the sixth).

Help children with their own scriptures mark Genesis 1:26-27 in red (scripture mastery)!

When you’re finished, you can all watch the video Jesus Makes the Earth.

(Here’s how ours turned out!)

Our finished Creation activity.

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