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This is My Work and My Glory

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Old Testament Lesson 2: This is My Work and My Glory

There is quite a bit of deep doctrinal information in this chapter, so I had to pick and choose which pieces to focus on for my children. I boiled it down to: God has a body, we have bodies that look like God’s. We are God’s children. I also included the story of Satan confronting Moses because it seemed too important to pass over. Finally, I wanted to read Moses 1:39 (scripture mastery!) and explain it. That is a LOT to cover in one lesson with wiggly kids.

To Prepare: Read Moses 1. Print off or copy down the abbreviated unfamiliar term definitions below, print a copy of the coloring page for each child participating.

Endure: Stay alive in
Cease: Stop
Behold/Beheld: See/Seen
In the similitude of: Like
Ranted: Yelled and shouted angrily
Gnashing of teeth: Clenching teeth in pain and anger
Immortality: To live forever as a resurrected person
Eternal Life: Exaltation; to live with God and live like God

God Spoke to Moses face to face - what would that be like?

To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Read Moses 1:1-8 to or with the children. Go slowly, explaining unfamiliar terms as you go, and summarizing that 1. God and Moses talked together just like you are talking together, 2. Moses (and by extension, all of us too!) is a son (children) of God, and 3. Moses saw many wonderful things that God had made.

Then, tell them that after God left Satan came to visit Moses and tried to get him to worship him. Moses said no. Read Moses 1:19-22 and end this section by explaining that when Moses had faith, and called upon God and Jesus Christ, even Satan had to go away. This is a great opportunity to teach them that they are stronger than Satan and can make him go away, too, by praying and asking Heavenly Father for help.

Finally, end by reading Moses 1:39. Help children with their own scriptures mark the verse in red. Explain the difference between immortality and eternal life, and that Heavenly Father’s number one most important job is to help all of us get back to Heaven with him. Hand out the coloring pages, and ask the children to imagine what it would be like to talk face to face with God.

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