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Cheap and Easy Busy Bag: Plastic Spoon Letter Matching

Busy Bags are great! Little packets of prepared activities in portable form, they are perfect for packing for travel or waiting rooms or restaurants. Busy bags can be simple or elaborate, cheap or expensive. Here’s another example of a cheap busy bag that’s quick to put together.

Cheap and Easy Busy Bag: Plastic Spoon Letter Matching

Estimated Cost Per Bag: < $2.50* Estimated Time to Make: < 10 minutes Materials:

  • 26 Clear Plastic Spoons
  • 26 White Plastic Spoons
  • Sharpie

In the time it takes you to write the alphabet twice, this busy bag is ready to go. Just put capital letters on one set of spoons, lower case letters on the other set. Make sure to position the letters high on one set of spoons and low on the other set so that when you stack them you can see both. Put them in a ziploc and Ta-da! Another busy bag ready to play!

*Cost per bag is estimated based on amount of materials used. If you are only making one bag and have to go out and buy all the materials for the bag, cost of materials will be higher, but you will have leftovers.

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