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DIY I Spy Bottle

It’s easier than you may think to create your own I Spy bottle. They are excellent for quietly occupying children, and turning the bottle over and over to search for the small objects hidden inside can be very calming.

So, without further ado, here’s what you do!

DIY I Spy Bottle

You Will Need:

  • A small bottle of clear, sturdy plastic, with a lid
  • Rice
  • A collection of small, random items
  • Glue (I used a glue gun)
  • Rubber band or string (optional – to fasten tag)
  • Paper (optional – for tag)
  • Wide Clear Tape (optional – for tag)
  • Hole Punch (optional – for tag)

First, remove any labels from your bottle and remove the sticker goo; allow to dry completely.

Next, assemble the objects. At first I did not think that I’d be able to assemble enough items for an I Spy, but the more I poked around, the more I saw. Here are some of the things I used or thought about using for the I Spy bottle: a googly eye, a pompom, some buttons (plain and fancy shaped), glass stones, plastic gems, a small seashell, a jingle bell, beads, 3D stickers (I stuck them back to back to avoid having them stick to the rice), small shaped erasers, a stray puzzle piece, a rhinestone, an abandoned game piece, a penny. Look around! You’ll find something to put in.

If you want to make a picture tag, take a picture of your objects at this point. I lined them up on a piece of white paper and took a photo. If you just want to make a regular list, write down what objects you are putting in. If you’re not providing a list, skip this step.

Place objects in the bottle and cover with rice. Be sure to leave some space at the top of the bottle; the more empty space there is the easier it will be to uncover the objects. Close your bottle and test it out, adjusting rice levels until you are satisfied.

Glue the lid shut. Be thorough.

Prepare your list. This can be as simple as writing on a piece of paper, or typing the words next to the pictures. Cut your list to size and cover on both sides with tape to protect it. Put a hole in the top, string the rubber band or string through the hole, and fasten to the neck of the bottle. You’re done!

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