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Abraham and Isaac

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Old Testament Lesson 14: Genesis 22

To Prepare: Read Genesis 22; print a copy of the activity below for each child participating.


To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Read Genesis 21:2-3 and explain that, just as he was promised, Abraham and Sarah had a son whom they named Isaac. Ask children how they think Abraham felt to finally have a son after so many years. Ask how they think he felt about Isaac.

Read and explain Genesis 22:1-13. Stop at various points and ask children how they would feel if they were Isaac. Remind children that Abraham’s father tried to sacrifice him when he was younger. Ask how they think he felt being asked to sacrifice his son, that he loved. Ask how you think Abraham and Isaac felt when the angel stopped the sacrifice of Isaac and they sacrificed a ram instead.

Explain that the sacrifice of Isaac is like the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (You can refer to the worksheet for some ideas of similarities.) It is also worth pointing out that Isaac was going to have to be sacrificed, but a ram was sacrificed instead. This is like us: we would have to pay the price for our own sins, but instead Jesus Christ paid it for us.

Help children use the worksheet to draw parallels between Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac and Heavenly Father’s sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You’re done!

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