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Rebekah at the Well

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Old Testament Lesson 15: Genesis 23-24

To Prepare: Read Genesis 24; print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. Choose between a coloring page and a word search!



To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Say that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, died. Read or summarize Genesis 24:1-4. Abraham was old, and he wanted to help Isaac find a righteous wife before he died. He spoke to his most trusted servant, and made him promise he wouldn’t let Isaac marry one of the women from the land where they lived. This is because were not righteous, covenant women who had the Gospel. Abraham wanted to make sure that Isaac could have an eternal marriage with a righteous woman, so he sent his servant to the land where his family lived to find someone.

The journey the servant would have to take was 1200 miles (about 1900 km) each way. You might choose a place about that distance from you to help children understand how far that is. Ask why finding a righteous spouse was worth going to so much trouble.

Read or summarize Genesis 24:10-14. The servant did not know how to find a good wife for Isaac, and so he came up with a plan and brought it to the Lord. He would wait by the well and ask the women that came down for a drink of water. If a woman agreed to give him a drink and then also volunteered to get water for his camels without being asked, he would know he had found the right woman.

Read or summarize Genesis 24:15-20. Almost before the servant was done praying, a woman came out to get water from the well. The servant asked for a drink, and she gave him a drink, then said she would get enough water for all ten of his camels to drink as much as they wanted. You might talk about how much work was involved in drawing water from a well with a pitcher, and how much water a thirsty camel can drink (a bathtub full each!) What kind of person would do that much work without being asked?

That woman was named Rebekah, and she and her family were relatives of Abraham. Rebekah made the long journey with the servant back to Abraham’s tent, and she and Isaac were married. (Read Genesis 24:67.)

Finish up with the activity sheet. That’s it!

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