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Joseph is Reunited with his Family

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Old Testament Lesson 20: We are combining Genesis 42-43 and Genesis 44-46.

To Prepare: Read Genesis 42, Genesis 43, Genesis 44, and Genesis 45; print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. Choose between a coloring page and a word search!



To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Remind children that there was famine in all the land. Jacob and his family needed food, and so he sent his sons to Egypt to buy some. He sent all of his sons except Benjamin, because Benjamin was the last child he had from Rachel, and his youngest son, and he was afraid something bad would happen to him. Read Genesis 42:6-8. How do you think Joseph felt when he recognized his brothers? How do you think he felt when he realized the prophecy in his dream had been fulfilled?

Joseph accused them of being spies, and they protested they were not. They told him about their family, their father and younger brother, to try and convince him. Joseph put them in prison for three days, then told them they could go home but must return with their youngest brother to prove that they were who they said they were. Read Genesis 42:21-24 to see what his brothers thought about this. He made them leave Simeon behind in Egypt to make sure they would come back, and they left.

Joseph had commanded his servant to secretly put the money they had used to pay for their food back into their sacks. When his brothers realized they still had their money, they were afraid. They told their father everything that had happened, and that they needed to take Benjamin to Egypt to get food again and to get Simeon back. Read Genesis 42:36-38 to see what Jacob said.

When they had eaten all the food from Egypt, they had to go back to get more. Jacob had his sons bring gifts for the Egyptian (Joseph) and had them bring the money from the first time plus money for the second time, in case their money had been returned by accident and they hadn’t paid. He agreed to send Benjamin, and his brothers promised to take care of him and bring him back safely.

When they returned to Egypt, Joseph ate with them. He told them that God had returned their money. When they were ready to leave, Joseph had his servants return the money to his brother’s sacks again. He also had his servant hide his cup in Benjamin’s back. He did not want his brothers to leave. Joseph sent a servant to follow his brothers and ask them where the cup was. When the servant found it in Benjamin’s bag, he said Benjamin needed to return to Egypt and be Joseph’s servant for stealing the cup. All the brothers came back with Benjamin and begged him not to make Benjamin stay. They said their father would die of a broken heart if Benjamin did not come home. Judah even offered to stay in Benjamin’s place.

Read Genesis 45:1-4 to see what Joseph said. His brothers were frightened. They thought Joseph would be angry with them. Joseph explained that the Lord had sent him to Egypt to help protect people from the famine by preparing for it. Joseph invited his brothers to come and live in Egypt. When Pharaoh heard that Joseph’s family was there, he sent wagons of food and gifts back to Joseph’s father. He wanted them to come and live in Egypt, too. Joseph’s brothers went home and told their father what had happened. They told him Joseph was still alive. Read Genesis 45:28.

End by letting kids color or complete the word search. Great job!

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