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The Life of Moses is Preserved

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Old Testament Lesson 21: Exodus 1-2

To Prepare: Read Exodus 1 and Exodus 2; print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. Choose between a coloring page and a dot to dot!



To Teach: Begin with a prayer. Tell children that Jacob grew old and died, and then Joseph grew old and died. There was a new Pharaoh, one who had never known Joseph. He did not like the Israelites living in his land, growing strong and numerous. Read Exodus 1:11-14 to see what Pharaoh did about it.

Even in bondage, the Hebrews kept multiplying. Read Exodus 1:15-16 to see what Pharaoh’s next plan was. Read Exodus 1:17-19 to see how the midwives responded. When the midwives refused to kill the male children, Pharaoh commanded his own people, the Egyptians, to throw any male Hebrew babies into the river.

Read or summarize the story in Exodus 2:1-10. Explain that Moses was probably raised by his mother for several years, perhaps as many as five or six, before being sent to live in Pharaoh’s house. Ask children what they think Moses would have learned about his family and religion by the time he was that age.

Read or summarize Exodus 2:11-15. Explain that the Egyptian “smiting” the Hebrew was probably hurting them very badly, maybe even trying to kill them. When Pharaoh found out what Moses had done, he wanted to kill him, but Moses ran away to the land of Midian, where he found a righteous man to live with. He married the man’s daughter, Zipporah (my son said, “Oh no, not this again!”), and had children.

Read Exodus 2:23-25 to set the stage for tomorrow’s lesson.

Finish with the dot to dot or coloring page. You’re doing great!

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