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Nephi Returns with the Plates

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Book of Mormon Lesson 9: 1 Nephi Chapter 5

To Prepare: Read through the linked lesson above (be sure to read 1 Nephi Chapter 5 and print a copy of the activity below for each child participating. (There are two difficulty levels to choose from.)

To Teach: Begin with a prayer. We read 1 Nephi 5:1-3 aloud and talked about how even Sariah was complaining. Continue reading to see how Lehi comforted Sariah and how they reacted when Nephi and his brothers returned.

When Lehi received the plates of brass from Nephi, he immediately searched them from the beginning. I pointed out that they didn’t just toss them in their luggage and say, “Ok cool! We’ve got them now!” Lehi studied them. Read verses 17-22 to see what he said once he had read them.

Finish by helping Nephi get back to his father’s camp. Great job!

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