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Fly for Flags

My oldest son had to design a board game to review his history lessons. It turned out pretty well:

Fly for Flags, Printable Geography Board Game

…although it took me a while to trace a map onto a piece of cardboard and even longer for him to color it in!

If you or your kids would like to play a game that helps review the countries and flags of North, Central, and South America, I’ve made a printable version for you!

To make:

  1. Print out the board, rules, and reference map. You can print the board on cardstock or on regular paper if you plan to glue it to something sturdier like cardboard or posterboard.
  2. Cut out and assemble the board.
  3. Print out the flag cards on white cardstock and cut them apart.
  4. Print and cut out the airport cards (I printed 2 copies of this so we would have a bigger deck) and action cards. I strongly recommend either printing them on separate colors of cardstock or marking the backs (that’s what we did) since the stacks of cards have to remain separate.

Then all you need to play is something to serve as player tokens and a die to roll. I hope you enjoy it and it helps with your geography lessons!

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